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Monday, August 24, 2009

New ETSY Shop!

Yay!! I have FINALLY created my own Etsy shop!! I am soo excited! Mind you, it nearly did my head in trying to work it all out! I was trying to get the banner just took an hour to get it the right size (in additon to the rest of the set-up!) and find the right font etc. When I finally think I have it right, I hit submit and a screen pops up telling me Etsy is down for maintanance!! AAARRRGGGHHH!! 10 deep breaths later, I calmed down and thought I should come and 'blog'. I haven't been on here for a while, just been busy with family stuff and actually scrapbooking!
I will post some pics of my latest project, a mini titled Shabby French. It's about my love of all things Shabby and french! It's the first mini I have actually made and kept for myself! All the others have been given as presents!
Anyway, I will post a link to my new Etsy shop, feel free to browse. Well actually, at the moment there will only be a couple of things on there. I will catch up and post more items, but for now I am just going slow and steady and learning along the way! I am just about to post my very first You Tube video!! I am very nervous about it! Everyone else makes it look so easy, but I felt really strange doing it! Never mind, hopefully there will be some positive feedback!! Check it out..
Bye For now,

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